A collection of examples

If you are more in the multi-store kind of things

Below is a commented source code to create a 'customer space' where your customer will be able to login, change his data, view his history.

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Below you will find a collection of sample requests to retrieve the list of shops or the list of available offers. Including some nice filtering with tags and proximity.

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And finally here are examples on how to create / deactivate shops and users.

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If you are more in POS systems

Below, you will find a scenario for sending every sales tickets made by a customer from the POS to Adelya.

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And how to check if a coupon is valid using its trackcode.

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Language or system specific samples

We propose some samples, that can be used as-is or as a basis for your own development:

Using Curl : curl --user '{APIKEY};{user}:{pass}' --data 'format=JSON&json_data={"FidelityMember":{"name_starts_with":"John"}}' https://qa.adelya.com/apiv1/webapi.do

Want More Examples ? Please see the FAQ.

We also have a unordered list of request in the FAQ.

Want to try it live ?

We provide a form-base sample page here. If you already have your credentials you can send live request.

Happy coding !